Check Out The British Police Officer With Big Ol’ Jugs Who Won A Lingerie Wearing Contest

Sophia Adams, from London, is a 21-year-old police officer in training who recently entered herself in an online lingerie competition.

It was for the brand Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra contest. The company specializes in bras for much more well-endowed women, with sizes ranging from D-K.

Adams herself is a 32JJ, and here are some of her submissions.

Out of 1,000 people who entered last month, Adams was picked. She won a year-long modeling contract with Curvy Kate. Here are some of her professional shots. Let me just say, she is one Curvy Kate.

She’s got big jugs is what I’m saying.

Adams told the Express she was thrilled to win.

“I was in total disbelief when I first found out I’d won.

“I couldn’t actually say anything else apart from ‘shut up’ and ‘no way’ for the first five minutes of knowing!’

No word on whether she plans to stay on as a police officer. But she does want to spread a more body positive message as a result of her win.

“The main thing I want to do is send out a positive message to all women that every shape and size is beautiful, we all have bits we like and bits we don’t like about our bodies but embrace every inch of it!”

Let’s all support that attitude, Bros.

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