A Bro Politician Bailed His Opponent Out Of Jail After The Dude Got Busted Stealing His Lawn Signs

Talk about a Bro move. Mark Lovell could have let his opponent, Curry Todd, rot in jail after police caught Todd stealing lawn signs supporting Lovell.

Instead, he bailed him out.

Lovely is running against Todd in the District 95 state representative race in Shelby County, Tennessee. Todd is the incumbent, Lovell the challenger.

A Lovell staffer videotaped Todd pulling up signs from a yard and replacing them with his own. Todd claimed he had permission to do so, but the police still wanted to speak to him.

He bailed on the meeting, so an arrest warrant was issued, and he was taken into custody. That’s when Lovell came to his rescue.

Here’s Lovell, talking to The Commercial Appeal:

“Someone called me and said Curry Todd is still in jail and nobody’s posted his bond yet. I thought, we don’t need our state representative in jail. He can get out and the judge can decide what to do about it later,” Lovell said Tuesday night.

When asked whether he though Todd would repay the cost of the bond, Lovell said: “I don’t know. It’s like lending money to your nephews. You don’t expect to get it back. I figured it was a good deed.”

That’s Bro, yo.

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[Via The Washington Post]