Would You Crawl Through 320 Feet Of A Poo-Filled Sewer Pipe To Save 4 Puppies Like This Guy Did?

Would you? Really? Because I probably wouldn’t. Sure I’d call 911 or animal control or whoever to come get the puppies, but would I do it myself? I dunno guys…it’s poop. That stuff comes out of your butt, and I dunno about y’all but my butt’s been some pretty awful places that I wouldn’t wanna crawl through.

The dedicated animal-lover had stripped down to his underwear and stuck a torch in his mouth to illuminate the dogs, who were heard wailing for help down the tube.

The man, believed to be a member of the Thai navy, climbed more than 100m down the tube to save the puppies, who were washed in after heavy rain.
“I almost died,” he told Sanook News.

Via 9 News

Yeah sorry, those puppies would be dead if that were me, because that’s NOT happening.

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