Turns Out The Pope Is One Of Those Annoying People Who Brags About How Little Television He Watches

Pope Francis has done his very best to be “Cool Pope” by coming out as progressive on social issues and upsetting the apple cart of BIG RELIGION. But he lost a little street cred among Millennials with the startling admission that he hasn’t watched television in their lifetime.

Pope Francis has revealed that he has avoided the temptation of television since July 1990, reports the Independent.

The pontiff said he gave up TV after promising the Virgin Mary he would abstain from it.

“I have not watched TV since 1990. It’s a promise that I made [to] the Virgin of Carmen on the night of July 15, 1990. I told myself: ‘It’s not for me’,” he said in an interview with Argentine newspaper La Voz del Pueblo that was reported in the Independent.

The Pope also revealed that he does not use the Internet and spends only 10 minutes a day reading a newspaper, Italy’s La Repubblica, tacitly admitting that he avoids the Vatican papersL’Osservatore Romano and Avvenire. 

Hmm. I had no idea the Virgin Mary was so anti-television. Probably because it didn’t exist when she was roaming the Earth.

The Pope did admit that he keeps up with his favorite soccer clubs by having one of his guards keeping him updated. Talk about a must-lie situation.

Pope: How’d my team do.

Guard: [Nervously] They won again, Your Holiness.

Pope: Hallelujah. What is that, 30 straight victories?

Guard: [Nervously] Yes, Your Holiness.

Just think of all the excellent television the Pope has missed. The Sopranos. Breaking Bad. Seinfeld. 19 And Counting. 

The list is endless.

[H/T: The Hollywood Reporter]