3-Year-Old Kid Doesn’t Understand His Powerwheels Isn’t Street Legal — Takes It Out On Highway Anyway

Powerwheels on Highway

A 3-year-old kid was spotted yesterday cruising a Florida (OF COURSE) highway on his Powerwheels. Maybe he just wanted to open it up and test the engine?

Here’s his Easy Rider moment, which only lasted a couple minutes.

Drivers saw the boy on US 19 in Crystal River, and two very concerned people pulled over to see what was up. According to Danny Miller, who snapped photos and talked with local station WFLA, the kid wasn’t happy to be stopped. He was eager to fulfill the universal childhood dream of riding off into the sunset.

After about ten minutes, the boy’s father showed up and took him home. The dad was reportedly taking a shower when the boy took his leave.

That dad will never shower again.

[via Some eCards]

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