This Guy Pranked A Bookstore With A Bunch Of Fake Self-Help Books That Are So Ridiculous I Wish They Were Real

To be fair, I know a lot of young adults who are borderline incapable of doing everyday tasks as simple as brushing their teeth, so seeing a book called Learn to Dress Yourself: Part of the ‘You are an Adult’ Series sitting on a bookshelf stand somewhere wouldn’t surprise me even in the slightest. Same with So Your Son is a Centaur, considering all the fucking loons hiding out on Tumblr who like to tell themselves that they’re actually foxes and fairies or whatever in a human body.

As for The Beginner’s Guide to Human Sacrifice…eh. We’re overdue for a good ol’ fashioned serial killing spree, so the next one might as well involve a cult or two while it’s at it.

[Via Reddit]