PRANKS: Watch When Guys Go On Tinder Dates And The Angry Ex Storms In Ready To Brawl

YouTube prankster, Fousey, wanted to show the dangers of dating on Tinder. Many think that only the female has the potential for physical or sexual assault from meeting up with absolute strangers, but in this prank, it’s the men that are in harm’s way.

The prank:

  1. Setup a fake Tinder profile with a very attractive woman named Valentina.
  2. Match with guys and invite them over her house for a date.
  3. Valentina aggressively flirts with guys.
  4. Just when the guys think they are going to get some sweet action, Valentina’s ex storms onto the scene.
  5. Stop the prank before people start brawling.

The social experiment showed various ways the new men dealt with the very angry ex. One man pleaded that he was gay. “No dude, we’re just gonna watch Mean Girls, bro.” He explained how he wasn’t interested in fucking the girl and that they were “just going over the Nicholas Sparks movie with Clint Eastwood’s son.” What a performance! He definitely has me sold.

However another man was about to get into a physical altercation when confronted. “Let’s go bruh!” He takes his shirt off and prepares to throw down. I never understood taking your shirt off to fight. Don’t you want as much padding as possible? Plus what if you get hit with a sharp object, wouldn’t you want an extra layer of protection?

When one gentleman is challenged by Valentina’s ex, this time her lesbian lover, he begins to laugh and even asks if she wants to join them. He laughs it off until the angry ex-girlfriend pulls a gun on him. Suddenly things aren’t so funny.

The moral of the story, be careful when going on Tinder dates, and study up on your Nicholas Sparks films so that you have a non-threatening excuse.