PRANKS: Guys Pretend To Work At Apple Store And Tell Customers To Buy Microsoft

When it comes to brand loyalty, people are probably the most outspoken about their allegiance to personal electronics such as phones and laptops than any other product. With phones, you’re either Team iPhone or Team Android. Don’t believe me, watch how many iOS fanboys get their panties in a bunch over this harmless prank at an Apple Store. And if this video was reversed at a Samsung store (If you could even find one) Android lovers would be butthurt.

The fine folks over at Nelk Filmz decided they wanted to be expert employees at an Apple Store. Instead of punching up their resume and applying, they simply just wore the Apple uniform and walked into the store. Once inside, they immediately started assisting customers. However instead of praising the fine Apple products, they disparaged them. They even told customers not to buy Apple and to go to the Microsoft Store, which is in the same mall.

Turns out that actual Apple employees don’t appreciate someone impersonating them and instructing their customers to buy the competitor’s electronics.

The pranksters did make one mistake though, they told prospective iPhone customers to go buy a Microsoft phone. Nobody wants a Windows Phone. The answer was to tell them to wait a few weeks to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Apple employees aren’t afraid of the Windows Phone. LG employees aren’t even afraid of the Windows Phone.

If Steve Jobs wasn’t already dead, this video would have given him a heart attack.