Presidential Candidate’s Son Got Nabbed For A DUI In Kentucky Last Week And His Last Name Isn’t ‘Bush’

If you had ‘Presidential candidate’s son gets DUI’ on your 2016 Presidential Election BINGO car, then go ahead and mark that off! Last week the 22-year-old son of U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R) got nabbed for a DUI in Lexington, Kentucky. Witnesses watched on as William Hilton Paul, 22, plowed into a parked car moments after he was reportedly revving his engine at an intersection.

A ‘2016 Presidential BINGO’ card can have some pretty weird items on it, but I’m pretty damn certain that ‘family member gets DUI’ is on that BINGO card. It’s somewhere alongside ‘mysteriously pardons black sheep relative before leaving office’ and ‘lied about active military service’. So if you’ve got your BINGO card handy then mark that shiznit off!

The NYDailyNews reports:

The son of Republican Presidential hopeful Rand Paul was busted on drunken driving charges in Kentucky.
William Hilton Paul, 22, plowed into a parked car shortly before noon on Sunday in Lexington, authorities said.
The powerful pol’s son was still sitting behind the wheel of a 2006 Honda Ridgeline when cops arrived to investigate the 11:24 p.m. crash, police said.
He reeked of booze, slurred his speech and became “belligerent” with officers, the incident report said.
Witnesses told investigators Paul was revving his engine in an intersection moments before they heard the crash.
He was treated for minor facial injuries at the University of Kentucky hospital and released, a police spokeswoman said. No one was in the other car.
Police cited Paul for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and failure to maintain insurance.
His father, a U.S. Senator for Kentucky, has refused to comment about the charges in keeping with a policy he’s employed following his son’s past indiscretions.

They note that William Hilton Paul was arrested for a drunken incident aboard a plane back in January of 2013, as well as cited in October of the same year for underage drinking.

I don’t know about you bros, but I’m definitely getting a ‘Chris Farley — Black Sheep’ vibe from this kid. Methinks it’s only a matter of days until he’s sent off to the backwoods of Kentucky to go door-to-door, politicking for ol’ pappy. As a Presidential candidate and influential member of the Republican Party, Rand Paul simply cannot afford more incidents such as this. That said, he’s also powerful enough to make these disappear before we ever even hear about them. Furthermore, young Billy Hilton Paul needs to step up to the plate and recognize that his dad has a chance at the White House, and to get his shit together!

For more on this arrest report you can head on over to the NY Daily News.

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