This NY Businessman Got BANNED From Monaco Because He Beat The Shit Out Of A Prince In A Nightclub

Before we begin, here’s a map of where Monaco is. Don’t be embarrassed, I had to Google it too because if it’s not the east coast of the United States then I don’t know shit about it.

Okay, now that our miniature history lesson is over let’s continue with the important stuff: princes getting the shit beat out them.

“Adam Hock pleaded guilty to socking Princess Grace’s grandson in the jaw in the 2012 Meatpacking District dust-up, so when he arrived in Monaco via yacht in May he thought everything was on the up and up.
Hock soon learned he was wrong. Prince Albert himself, still sore from the ‘Battle Royale’ embarrassment, ordered the financier to stay out of the country just after he’d arrived.”

Hmm, someone sounds a little butthurt don’t they? Hey man, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Sometimes when you’re being a total douche in a nightclub you kinda deserve a royal beatdown.

“According to the New York Post, Hock said in the paper the three young men were helping themselves to his vodka and were jealous because they were with women the young men were interested in.
He said the trio were ‘visibly intoxicated’ and attacked him in an ‘unprovoked and unjustified assault’.

The club owner was also named in the suit, with Hock alleging that Jeffrey Jah should have been keeping a closer eye on the prince and his friends because they have a reputation for such ‘violent, belligerent and disruptive tendencies’.

The prince’s lawsuit said the club, in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, shouldn’t have served alcohol to Mr Hock, a former owner of Times Square nightspot Hawaiian Tropic Zone, and should have known he was a fighter, or ‘a person of pugilistic propensity’.”

Via Daily Mail

Note that nowhere in there did the prince’s lawyer say that the prince WASN’T being a thirsty bitch, just that “Oh boo hoo the club shouldn’t have served Hock in the first place.” Really? So that means that Prince Pierre Casiraghi was actually trying to be scheisty and steal booze from Hock’s table? To be fair, the guy has a smug-as-fuck look so I can’t be sure that I wouldn’t wanna hit him in the face myself.

Come on dude, I thought you were the prince of Monaco, some hobo who can’t afford basic bottle service. Step your game up.