This Is (Probably) the Only Gun Safety Ad to Ever Involve Multiple Dildos

The gun safety organization Evolve thinks HUMOR will get people to lock up their guns. But really, is it okay that we live in a world where a human will watch this ad and say “you know what, they’re right. I should be more careful with my guns,” and a kid’s life will be saved and we will all pat ourselves on the back? Good work, people.

I mean, do you realize how fucking far we’ve devolved? Like collectively. That we have to ask “How are we going to get people to be more responsible with guns?” speaks enough to the state of our species, but that an appropriate response is “With dildo humor,” is equally, if not more, damning.

And it will work. And then there will be more of these. And then I will die and you will die and we will never have to deal with stupid, pedantic bullshit like this ever again, or we will because the gun control laws in heaven are equally lax.

But enjoy. I laughed the first time I saw it. Ha ha these kids are playing with penis things.

[H/T @KellyAlysia]