Bro Commits Cardinal Sin, Forgets To Find Out If Girl Has Date Before Asking Her To Prom In Front Of Whole School

Ahh, bro. No. Ohhh nooo, BRO. OHHHH NOOO.


That’s Patrick Smith of Park Ridge HS in New Jersey, forgetting to do his legwork before surprising a girl with a prom invite.

You gotta check with a trustworthy friend, dude.

He seems to have taken the viral disappointment in stride though, having added “Rejection Specialist” to his Twitter bio and retweeting a few shots at him.

I feel you, Pat. I once asked a girl to our eighth grade dance in front of some people and, feeling pressured, she said yes. She then called me the day before the dance to say it would be better if we went as friends.

It never stops hurting, Mikaela.

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