This Hot Drunk Girl Who Kicked A DJ Dressed As A Creepy Clown Right In The Face Is The Hero We Need Right Now

There is just SO MUCH to love about this story. Especially since we’re smack dab in the middle of the shitshow that is the 2016 Presidential Election.

If ever we needed someone to look up to here in America that time is right now.

So let me take this golden opportunity to introduce you to one Rachel Glenna Fisher of Grayson, Georgia.

For today’s story of American heroism, we take you to Jimmy Mac’s in Marietta, Georgia. It was there that our heroine, Rachel Glenna Fisher, was having a few pops when because it seems like the obvious move, she reportedly kicked a karaoke DJ dressed as a clown right in the face.

Here’s how it all went down, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The karaoke DJ told officers how he ended up getting a “karate type kick” in the face.

He said many employees and customers at the bar were wearing costumes for the Halloween celebration. The DJ was “dressed up in the costume of an evil clown,” the warrant read.

The DJ said he first interacted with Fisher earlier that night with no problem, but he did notice that she was”highly intoxicated.”

The trouble started when one of the bar’s employees came onstage to sing and the DJ left the stage to mingle with the crowd.

That’s when witnesses say Fisher got up on stage and watched the employee sing.

When the DJ approached her, she pushed him and “kicked him on the left side of his face with a karate type kick,” according to the warrant.

It was at that point the DJ took her to the ground and shortly thereafter she left the bar – her mission complete – only to be arrested not too long later.

As you can see from her mugshot, it’s readily apparent that she was very proud of her work, as she should have been, and was released on bond later in the day.

I think we may have just found our write-in candidate for President here, folks.

H/T Death and Taxes

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