Racist Tour Guide Has Insanely Racist Meltdown About Chinatown On Last Day Of Work

This is what it looks like when a shitty person’s shitty life unravels right in front of your eyes, this is an absolutely atomic racist meltdown by the world’s most racist tour guide.

How this woman was ever a tour guide with her obviously rancorous hatred of everyone and everything within the city of San Francisco, well, after watching this video it’s a straight up mystery. Every day here on BroBible I watch a truly unfathomable number of videos, and it’s rare that I see what that stops me in my tracks like this. This bitch CRAY:

PSA folks: if you’re going to film a viral video of the most racist tour guide in the history of both racism and tours, hold your damn phone correctly, because a lot of people are going to be seeing this video.

And before any of you bitch and moan about how anyone has the right to say anything they want: this woman is a fucking tour guide. Her only job is talk about the history of the city.

p.s.: Is that a beer she’s holding? We’re discussing internally and can’t decide.


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