Rapper Promotes His Mixtape While In Cuffs During Perp Walk After He Was Arrested For Capital Murder

Over the years we’ve seen some rather bold and innovative ways rappers have promoted their mixtapes.


Check Out My Mixtape Meme


Rapper Savawn Kyle may have had the most memorable “Check out my mixtape” moment.

Last week, San Antonio police arrested Kyle on capital murder charges. He is accused of fatally shooting another man, in the back of the head, outside of a convenience in October 2016. The shooting was captured on surveillance video. A Crime Stoppers tip identified Kyle as the shooter.

As Kyle was in cuffs during his perp walk, members of the press attempted to ask the Texas rapper some questions about the charges. Instead of defending his case or professing his innocence, the 23-year-old rapper took the time to promote his mixtape.

When a reporter asked him why he allegedly killed a man, Kyle replied, “I ain’t worried about none of that shit. Y’all need to go get that mixtape, ‘On The Run 1.’ Ya dig?”

Appropriately titled mixtape. I’ll give him that.

From a marketing aspect, this is pure genius. His mixtape is getting national attention today.

Kyle could face life in prison or even the death penalty.

I hope they put Kyle in an appropriate facility when his mixtape drops or the prison could be in for absolute disaster.

On the bright side, if he ever gets out of jail this woman will be glad to celebrate his release.