New Research Shows 40% Of Millennials Think The Government Should Censor People Who Make ‘Offensive’ Statements



Oh look, another chunk of data that makes me sad to be part of the “Millennial” age group. People do realize that we have free speech in this country for a reason, right? Like people died so we could say what we want, when we want to WHO we want without getting thrown into prison just because others don’t necessarily agree or like what was said, and yet the giant gaping pussies that are the “Millennials” want government-imposed censorship so people’s feelings don’t get hurt.

If you are part of this way of thinking, feel free to leave this country and go somewhere else. I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year.

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey on free speech and media to determine how different age groups felt about whether or not people should be able to make public statements that are offensive to minority groups. Apparently 40% of Millennials think the government should be able to prevent people from saying such statements, while 80% of the Silent generation (currently aged 70-87) believed that people SHOULD be able to say such things publicly:


twitter / pew research

According to Daily Mail,

Pew say it found the results striking because only around a quarter of Generation Xers (27 per cent) and Boomers (24 per cent) – ie those aged 35 to 50 and those aged 51 to 69 – say the government should be able to prevent such speech.

The survey also found that compared with other countries, Americans hold the values of free speech dear and on the whole are less likely to favor the government being able to prevent speech of any kind.

The global survey found that two-thirds of Americans say that people should be able to say offensive things about minority groups publicly.

However, when broken down by country rather than generation it appears that the United States values free speech more than any other country included in the survey, with 70% of Germans wanting the government to prevent people from saying offensive statements towards minorities (considering Germany’s track record for the past 100 years, this shouldn’t be surprising):


twitter / pew research

[H/T Daily Mail]

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