This Restaurant Owner Facebook Messaged A Yelper Who Gave Him A One Star Review, Calls Him ‘Ugly’ And ‘Retarded’

It’s one thing for a restaurant owner to get upset at a one star review on Yelp, but it’s another thing entirely for that owner, in this case Chef Bac Nguyen, to go out and find the Yelper on Facebook and harass him. Do you know how much extra effort it takes to search for someone on Facebook, make sure they’re the right person, and then message them over and over as opposed to just responding to the review with a mild apology? Shit, the original Yelp review by Ruchu Tan wasn’t even that bad:

Came here with a few friends to try their ramen and was extremely disappointed.
I ordered the bacon & egg ramen. I expected a lot more from the broth. It is miso base but it shouldn’t taste like miso soup! It was extremely bland and there were bits of bacon in the broth that made it too oily. The pork belly was not very flavorful either. And what’s with the kimchi!? Saltiness and sourness doesn’t really mix well… But the biggest disappointment are the f*cking noodles…

Their only saving grace is that it’s in a good location with great potential from CWRU and surrounding businesses and hospitals. But the food and service just doesn’t cut it.

Via Yelp

There’s more to it, but there’s nothing in it that makes Tan seem biased against the restaurant, Ninja City. Unfortunately, Chef Bac Nguyen didn’t see it the same way. The following are screenshots of the messages the Chef sent Tan on Facebook:


Overreaction much? Apparently Nguyen apologized after Tan threatened to publish the Facebook conversation, but then Nguyen went and kept harassing Tan because the guy doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up.

Many locals are now boycotting Ninja City restaurant, not just because Nguyen seems like a raging asshole, but because the food just isn’t that great (or so I read on Yelp).

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