If You Go To A Restaurant Rated A+ For Cleanliness But See THIS Sitting In The Window, Run, Do Not Walk, Away ASAP

Honestly, I don’t really care if a restaurant is clean; I care more about whether or not the food is any good. If the chef drops it on the floor right as he’s about to plop it down on a plate then eh, I’ll still eat it. Five second rule right? Unless it’s soup or something wet…that doesn’t count. But burgers and fries, idgaf. Ignorance is bliss my friends, but I can only bury my head up my ass so far when it comes to dining in a dirty restaurant. Some crud on the floor and whatever is fine, but this…

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…yeah. Gonna have to pass on that one. According to Mirror, Redditor Ritchiesoultodevnull snapped the photo just after finishing lunch at said restaurant, and while many jumped in to say that he’d photoshopped the roach into the image, he claims that isn’t the case:

“Believe whatever you want man. Honestly I wish it were fake considering I’ve had dinner at this place a several times.”

Superflypirate shared his experience: “If you’ve ever worked in a place that sells food (supermarket, restaurant, ice cream shop, etc) you know there are roaches. It’s just a matter of if they’re outside/inside and how bad they are.”

Those comments were backed by BigBizzle151 who added: “Most kitchens will even have a code word for things like roaches, so they don’t freak out customers.

“In the Italian place I worked in, they’d call them ‘meatballs’, as in ‘watch out, meatball on the floor!'”(via)

Like I said, ignorance is bliss. Probably would’ve lived a happier life not knowing that roaches are scuttling in and out of restaurants everywhere, but do I really care? Bitches gotta eat.

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