Restaurant Shames Female Perverts In Hilarious Way

When you think of the word “Pervert” your mind immediately thinks of a guy. While that’s probably sexist, yet completely appropriate since most men are indeed perverts, there actually are ladies who are also pervs.

The Kitty’s Purple Cow restaurant in Surfside Beach, Texas has made it their mission to expose female perverts. The restaurant has the photo of this handsome beefcake in the ladies restroom.

The small white door appears to hide this strapping young man’s junk. However any amorous woman who lifts the door to take a peek at his dick gets more than she asked for. There is no fuckpole underneath the door, just his bulge in his tighty whities. What they do get though is a “loud buzzer that goes off throughout the entire restaurant, forcing you to do the walk of perverted shame, out of the restroom.” Seems like a great place to take dear ole nana for her 87th birthday party.

I wonder if this subliminally helps sell the kielbasa in the restaurant?