Restaurant Tapes Colin Kaepernick Jersey To The Floor As A Doormat, Immediately Gets Torched On Yelp

A Virginia Beach restaurant has incurred the wrath of the Internet after a picture began to circulate showing that they’d taped a Colin Kaepernick jersey to the floor as a doormat for customers. This move is obviously in clear retaliation to Colin Kaepernick‘s decision to protest racism and inequality in America by kneeling during the National Anthem before NFL games, one of the most controversial topics of this NFL season so far.

It seems that Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in Virginia Beach is already being met with the same level of vitriol that Colin Kaepernick encountered when he first kneeled for the National Anthem, only it’s a completely different type of outrage. A quick scroll through the restaurant’s Yelp page quickly reveals that most of the people leaving reviews aren’t from the Virginia Beach area, and it’s worth noting that the restaurant’s already been bumped down to a 2-star rating. Before we check out a handful of the Yelp reviews let’s check out the jersey floormat that first ignited this controversy:

Now for some of the Yelp reviews people have been leaving over the past week:

Danny A.
1.0 star rating 9/26/2016
Came to this bar and saw they used a colin kaepernick jersey as a door mat… I figured they may not like the niners…. But hey i was hungry.
Service was not kind nor speedy. My burger came out very well even though i asked for medium. Beer was piss warm. They gave me a poor excuse that it has been busy and that particular beer was just restocked in their fridge. I looked around and saw a lot of empty seats. The bartender couldve warned me and asked if i had a different choice.
Overpriced for the quality. Will never come again.


Salone A.
1.0 star rating 9/25/2016
The food was C average but what killed me was the cockroach that I found in my glass of water. And they still made me pay for my meal


Amare L.
1.0 star rating 9/25/2016
Racist pigs. Do not visit this place. Put them out of businesses. They do not respect the freedoms of this county that I and many of my other brothers and sisters fought for.

I think you all get the point: this restaurant’s getting torched on Yelp. According to though, the restaurant claims this isn’t a racist move at all, they claim it’s about sportsmanship?

News 3 spoke with the general manager of the bar.
He told us taping the jersey down was about sportsmanship and Kaepernick’s disrespect of the flag – not race.

I think it’s worth noting that this restaurant isn’t the only place that’s laid down a Kaepernick jersey as a floormat. When searching for the above picture on Instagram I also came across this one below, and this story of an Illinois mattress store doing the same thing.

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