Bros, Here’s The Final Results Of Our 30-Day Gillette Shave Challenge

Over the last 30 days we’ve been putting Gillette razors through the ringer. Because nothing says summer like having a silky smooth face, we’ve been testing one Fusion ProGlide cartridge all month long to see how it compares to the shave from that other shave club with the $9-a-month plan.

After a month with the same ProGlide cartridge, we’re pleased to report that our faces are still satiny and soft. We’re scratch and ding-free. After 30 days of shaving, theProGlide razor cartridge is still as reliable as it was on the first day. The ProGlides’ FlexBall is particularly useful on those tricky, cumbersome patches of stubble on our face.

Overall, it’s proof that Gillette’s shave club plan delivers a premium blade for about $5-a-month that’s good for the long haul. It outlasts the competition without losing its edge. If you’re sick of being nickel and dimed for blades that deliver a sub-par shave, it’s a deal you can’t pass up.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Ties and golf tees are cliché, Bros — Get your old man something he’ll actually use on a regular basis this year. The Gillette Shave Club is the perfect low-budget, hassle-free gift for your old man. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to sign yourself up! Let us know your experience with razors go the distance by tagging @BroBible and @Gillette on Twitter and using #FlexBall.

Disclosure: The Gillette Shave Challenge is part of a sponsored partnership with Gillette.