How the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Spent Spring Break

It's been awhile since we've caught up with the Rich Kids of Instagram–and given the recent yearly developments, figured they'd have some great material to show the world.

They didn't disappoint.

Below is a small collection of recent samplings from the site, most of which have something to do with Spring Break, or general sunny weather antics. You may not be able to keep up with their spending habits, but they most certainly provide a wealth of free entertainment:


“another reason why I'm still recovering from #Miami” — adwarren   

It looks like Mr. AD Warren–known for the “That NYC Kid” tumblr, being a fashion stud, and splitting time between NYC and the Hamptons–might have went to Ultra. We've got some nice male duckfaces, the eyes above the sunglasses (classic), and the always in style rich kid trend of #champbottles. Not bad for a kid who goes to Syracuse. 


“School can wait another week #Miami” — rbelensz

With that set-up, rbelensz (who notes on her instagram that “the thug life chose her”), school probably wait a lot more weeks than one. Something tells me she'll be just fine. 



“Every time I go out, you know I gotta show out! #AirItOut #StillGotMyMoney “ — briggsg

Is that a one dollar bill in there, Briggs Goldberg, AKA Lead Counsel for our boy Chet Haze? Hope not. 


Home for the next week  #springbreak — ambusquets

It was just a quiet week at home for ambusquets, whose “Sao Paulo ✈ Chicago ✈ Puerto Rico ✈ DC ✈ Jakarta ✈ ” lifestyle ensures that relative to him, you suck. 


“#1% #lillypullitzer #richkidsofinstagram” — masonangelrep

From the “look how much of a fuck I can afford not to give…did you get it?!?!?! AFFORD!!?!?!” shorts he's rocking to the general #airchamp photographic eye he shares with our boy Andrew Warren, this is Mason Angel at the top of his game. Most intriguing aspect is by far the point. Is he pointing at himself? Attributing his successes to a higher power? Is he himself the higher power? 


“I’m so fabulous even my pepper spray is gold…..” —  bon_et_copieux

Yeah. Seems date-able. 


“Hej” — alexanderhovbrandt

Here, our Scandinavian Bro Alex displays too much greatness for us to even fathom. I'm assuming the extra glass is reserved for his robe. Let's call it day. 


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