Guy’s Attempt To Confront A Bad Driver Ends With The Most Brutal One-Punch Knockout In Road Rage History

Road rage is a universal problem. I say universal rather than earthly, because I’m pretty sure that somewhere in outer space, a Martian just crashed his spaceship into a Moon Man’s rocket while a Plutonian screams “World-Star” in the background.

After re-watching this video a bunch of times, I’m left with a few questions:
1. Where did the guy who instigated the fight come from? He seems to appear out of nowhere.

2. Why was the scrawny instigator looking for a fight?

3. Why was the shirtless dude shirtless?

4. Why did the guy in the white shirt pull out the bat after the instigator was knocked out?

5. Why did the driver leave before shirtless dude was inside of the car?

6. What was the issue that elevated to the point of fists being thrown?

I’m really curious about the context of the video as well as the follow up. This is definitely one of the weirdest conflicts that I’ve seen on the Internet.

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