Road Raging Biker Gets Instant Karma When He Tries To Kick A Car

A man on a motorbike and someone in a white car were playing some game of “fuck you, no fuck you” on a road in Brazil when our good buddy Instant Karma decided he’d had enough of these shenanigans. The turning point, after weaving in and out of traffic, cutting each other off, was when the biker caught up to the white car and decided to give it a swift kick in the door.

The biker, apparently unaware that a car weighs a few thousand pounds, was immediately toppled to the ground in front of another oncoming car. It was at that point that Instant Karma decided that he’d had enough and opted to not let the second car run his dumb ass over.

You can watch the whole thing for the buildup of suspense or just skip ahead to around the 0:40 mark and get right to the good stuff. Your call.

In other news, when are we going to get dashcams on cars here in America. Granted, there’s probably some privacy law or something that prevents it, but damn, just imagine how many more videos we would have to laugh at if we had them.