This New Robo-Bartender Makes Cocktails Using Tweets As Its Ingredients

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Clement Gault and Koi Koi Design shook, stirred, and served up the ‘Data Cocktail’–Arduino (open-source electronics platform)-powered machine that makes drinkers cocktails based off Twitter updates. Uh, society what are we doing to ourselves? Anyone with a big enough set of stones to submit himself to the selectively, unpredictable new cocktail making machine’s latest Tweet-addled whims is signing up for a game of Russian Roulette.

I mean, granted, you’re not going to kick the bucket (probably), but the idea that a robotender’s about to snag the last five tweets that relate to ingredients off an endless news feed, is unnerving, for sure. What if I’m looking for top shelf? Like, were these robotenders to actually start serving cocktails at bars, we’d probably all be feeling the ‘Bern,’ in the depths of our used and shamelessly abused livers. You’ve gotta’ respect the ingenuity of this creation though. I so badly wanted to pawn off this joke as my own, but credit’s due where it’s earned, and this guy hit the nail on the head with this lil aside after learning about the ‘Data Cocktail,’