Bro Runs Emma Stone Twitter Page, Gets Thirsty ‘WTF’ DMs From Guy Trying To Get Laid, Then Convert Him To Islam

Ain’t nothing wrong with running an Emma Stone Twitter fan page, but does anyone really want to open their Twitter DM’s to find some guy trying pathetically to get laid? Frankly it’s more embarrassing for whoever sent the DM, but at the same time you sit there in disbelief thinking to yourself “I can’t believe this human being is so deluded that they thought I would be down to make fuck off a Twitter DM.”

Except this guy is a special case; instead of just fucking off when he realizes he’s not getting laid he decides to try and convert the owner of the fan page to his religion. Because that’s exactly what I think of when I’m feeling frisky: an omnipotent invisible being that is everywhere, all the time, always watching, and therefore probably staring at me undressing when I get into the shower at night. Again, no one wants to login to social media and find a bunch of messages trying to convert you, just like they don’t want thirsty DMs. But if you put them together in the same thread? Oh yeah, you’re definitely never getting laid ever, and yet at no point at any time does this guy manage to take the hint. Ugh.

Guy should’ve just quit while he was ahead:

[Via Imgur]