Russell Westbrook Bought Lord Disick’s $4.6 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

If you are a flibbertigibbet and enjoy engaging in worthless, time-wasting gossip about the Kardashians then I will stoop to your level and give you the latest on the orchestrated love life of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian.

Apparently Lord Disick and Kourtney broke up over the summer for like the 1,924th time. Scott proceeded to deal with his ruined relationship by partying with various 18-year-old models, and he may or may not have brought them back to his L.A. mansion for some after-hours entertainment. Seems like effective therapy to me.

Now apparently Scott is reconciling with the mother of his two children, and allegedly even wants another baby with Kourtney, despite looking miserable when spending time with his family (I surmise that dealing with screaming kids probably isn’t as fun as doing blow and 18-year-old models). Now Scott is selling his Beverly Hills bachelor pad that he probably had oodles of fun at when he was separated because women don’t exactly like when their man has a separate bachelor pad.

Lord Disick only bought the Los Angeles mansion last year for $3.699 million, and he flipped it for $4.65 when Russell Westbrook snatched it off the market.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star purchased the Beverly Crest area abode that has 4,095 square feet, 5 beds and 6 baths. It features a saltwater swimming poo and sensational views of the cityscape, canyon and Santa Catalina Island.

I just hope that Westbrook had the entire complex thoroughly scrubbed to get rid of any possible STDs, any possible white powder and any possible quim residue.

Westbrook has one year left on his contract with the Thunder that will pay him $17,769,374. The Los Angeles Lakers look to have plenty of cap space available when Kobe Bryant retires after this season. Let the Westbrook to Lakers rumors begin. But Westbrook was born and raised in Long Beach, California, played at UCLA, plus the Lakers just drafted promising D’Angelo Russell to be their point guard.