Russian Cop Ends Car Chase Like A Kung-Fu Master, Kicks Out Driver’s Window

That’s how you end a motherfucking car chase! Wooooooh! You think you can run from Mother Russia police force!? Not so fast, evading euro van. Officer Vlad’s about to put a stop to this, RIGHT NOW!!!

Truthfully, though, I’m not sure where in Russia the entire wild car chase featured below was captured on video thanks to a Russian cop’s dash cam, but it doesn’t matter because the way it ended was downright awesome regardless.

I’m, like, not fluent in Russian, so it’s unclear what the responding police officer was actually pulling the van over for, per the video’s description.

Сотрудники ДПС, дабы не допустить дальнейшее движение нарушителя, которое создавало реальную опасность для окружающих, перекрыли дорогу путем блокирования своим патрульным автомобилем. Злоумышленником оказался ранее судимый мужчина 1992 г.р.


But, if I had to suspect, it’s because the van was being driven by a jackass who had more than his fair share of vodka, then decided it was a good time to cut off a cop car.

Great police tactics, Russia. Somewhere, Putin is very proud.

h/t CarBuzz