These Drunk Russian Grandpas Are Bad At Fighting, Even Worse At Standing Up

I wanna say that alcohol definitely played a role in this fight, but honestly, all old people look kinda drunk when they try to do something athletic. I’ve watched enough America’s Funniest Home Videos to know that old people just generally have bad balance.

I wanna put a disclaimer here that if you’re expecting to see some savage knockout, this ain’t the video for you. BUT – if you like watching a couple grandpas alternate shoving each other to the ground, and struggling to stand, you’re gonna be in viral heaven.

There’s something about watching olds fall in slow motion that really does it for me. You see the fall coming from a mile away, and so do they, but there’s nothing they can do to stop it. If I know old people (AND I DO), easy money is that at least one of them shit their pants during this fight. An old man colon can’t withstand that amount of jostling without letting loose a huge steaming load.

I’m super interested in knowing what this fight was about. I have some theories. What do you guys think?

A. Fatter Old Man texted Skinnier Old Man “#OMW2SYG” and when SOM googled what it meant, he got super pissed off and challenged FOM to a fight.

B. FOM’s been stealing SOM’s pudding every Tuesday, and finally SOM said “no more, we finish this once and for all.”

C. FOM banged SOM’s chick, and gave her some outdated STD that only exists among old people.

D. SOM told FOM that The Wire is better than The Sopranos, and FOM was just like, “I’ll kill you for such blasphemy.”

E. SOM took an upper decker in FOM’s bathroom to get back at him for stealing his Workaholic DVD’s and scratching Season 2.

[H/T Avi Amir]