Crazy Russian Dude Uses His Dingaling As Bait While Fishing And It Actually Works!

Someone really needs to tell this (probably) drunk Russian guy that they make fishing bait, and he doesn’t need to use his wedding tackle to catch fish. What if it was a pike that came up on took the bait? He’d be forced to go through life without a penis, plain and simple. If that was a fish with significant teeth and not what appears to be a bass or a trout he’d be totally fuuucked. That said, you can’t knock the guy for his dedication to fishing. I’ve got salt in my veins but you’d never find me wading out onto the oyster bed trying to catch redfish or snook with my dingaling. This guys’s a champ:

So I first saw this video it was uncensored, and I knew there was no way I’d be able to share it with you bros because it showed a fully naked Russian man running into a lake and later emerging from that lake with a flopping bass honked on to his wedding tackle.

Then I came across this version that censors the dude on both ends, and it’s perfectly suitable to share here because you’re not forced to look at his chocolate starfish or his tiny Russian dong. So thank you to whoever out there censored this video, you’re the real hero. It took me a week or so of passively searching YouTube for a non-nude version but I finally found it…After being forced to see lots of naked Russians…

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