This Clip Of Celebrities Wanting You To Vote Is The Most Self-Aware Thing I’ve Ever Seen, And It’s F’n Hilarious

“Lots and lots of famous people, just a shit ton of famous people.”…That’s what the celebrities in this video filmed by Joss Whedon believe this election needs. Every time our great nation comes together to vote we see celebrities trying to influence the crowd. In the 90’s we had ‘Rock the Vote’ and these days we’ve cabals of Hollywood elite thinking they can swing the vote by rallying behind Joss Whedon (for Joss’ SaveTheDay.Vote website)….By the way, who the fuck is that white dude who has the line about ‘some of us are less famous than others’? I’ve never seen that human being in my life.

This clip actually came to mind while watching the video above because they’re basically polar opposites and I forgot about this 30 Rock sketch until now:

So, why did I actually like this video when it was a bunch of unabashed Liberal celebrities trying to tip the election scales? Well, it’s the most self-aware celebrity clip I’ve ever seen. They’re no longer hiding the fact that they’re all in the pocket for Hillary, and furthermore they talk a lot about Mark Ruffalo‘s dick, which until now I didn’t realize anyone in the world cared about seeing. Mark Ruffalo’s easily the most innocuous ‘leading man’ actor in Hollywood, someone who probably still needs to actively try to get laid instead of walking into a room and drowning in panties thrown at him like Robert Downey Jr. would. So it was pretty funny to see him get roasted like that.

I’ll never, under any circumstances, try and tell any of you bros WHO to vote for. I will tell you time and again that you should vote in favor of marijuana legalization (both recreational and medical) because that’s what our country needs to free ourselves from the Mexican cartels, but I won’t ever tell you which candidate to get behind because that’s not my place in the world. If you’re not registered to vote though you can do so at the website set up for this YouTube video, SaveTheDay.Vote.