Man Awesomely Trolls A Rental Scammer By Requesting He Put Pictures Of Ducks In The Lease

Craigslist is the Wild West when it comes to renting an apartment or house. Sometimes it’s great, other times you’re stuck wasting your time with fraud scammers. They generally use the same modus operandi: After a couple of e-mails, they’ll tell you to wire your hard-earned money to bank routing numbers usually associated with financial institutions in mainland China. They even send bogus leases that merely exist to get you to pull the trigger on sending that money. Hopefully you’re not naive or dumb enough to do such a foolish thing.

In addition to being an extremely chill dude, Dave DiCianni is the Denver-based manager of two funky jam bands we like a lot here at BroBible: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Sophistafunk, along with a couple other projects.

Dave is brilliant when it comes to trolling wrong number texts and/or scammers, running his own blog about his trolling called This Isn’t Shannon. Here’s how Dave explains the

So when I moved to Colorado I got a new number. The number I ended up with turned out to formerly belong to this chick Shannon, who I quickly learned taught yoga and lived in Denver. Knowing she was a yoga teacher and taught in Denver I kind of had some ammunition to make her friends believe it was actually Shannon they were talking to.

All I had to do was be like, “I’m late for yoga” and her friends thought it had to be Shannon.

Today he posted an exchange he had with a fraud “landlord” trying to scam him into wiring money over a fake lease. After he noticed the names not lining up, he insisted the quack include ducks in the lease.

The exchange will have you in tears.

The scammer landlord still thinks he’s going to sign the lease, however:  

Here’s the scammer’s lease: 


Here’s how the troll sent it back to the scammer: 


So much…


Don’t forget to catch Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Sophistafunk at a music festival/concert venue near you this summer.

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