Watch This School Bus With A Friggin’ JET ENGINE Attached To Its Back Fly Around At 367 Miles Per Hour

by 5 years ago


It’s days like this when I come across inventions that have absolutely 0 real-world usability that I sit here and think “Man, if only I’d been smart enough to be an engineer, I could’ve ALSO built useless yet amusing shit too!” Alas, I can’t even figure out how much to tip my waiters without a calculator, and anything requiring double-digit multiplication is essentially a foreign language to me. Luckily for the entire world, there are people out there who aren’t mathematically stunted and can therefore make jet-powered school busses.

With fire coming out of the back, and reaching speeds of 367mph, this yellow beast is by far the fastest school bus in the world.

Fitted with a fighter-jet engine, Paul Stender and his team the Indy boys converted the iconic bus before taking it across the USA to display at car shows (and they maintain that no children are allowed on-board).

Petrol-head Paul, from Indiana, said: ‘The entire vehicle was custom-built by myself because there’s no way the original bus could have withstood the speeds I take it to.’

Via Metro

Paul and his team are hoping that the bus will “inspire kids to keep away from drugs,” although I’m not quite sure how kids are supposed to make that connection, particularly since I never would’ve guessed that a jet engine glued to a bus = don’t do drugs. The side of the bus has the slogan “Jets are hope – drugs are not” painted on the side, but watching a school bus fly around at 367 while tripping balls sounds WAY more badass to me than watching it sober.

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