Science Says These Are The Behaviors And Occupations That Make Men Seem The Most Creepy

Yes, scientists are actually studying what behaviors and occupations make men seem the most creepy. What a world we live in today, huh?

And who says the world’s money isn’t being spent wisely?

Anyhoo, since someone did actually take the time and spend the money to find out which behaviors and jobs make men seem creepy I guess we should probably take advantage of it, right? Right.

So here we go…

1. He stares at you before interacting with you.
2. He keeps touching you.
3. He makes everything about sex.
4. He asks to take a picture of you.
5. He asks questions that are too personal.
6. He has greasy hair.
7. He doesn’t make eye contact.
8. He’s too old.
9. He doesn’t express much in his face.

Staring, touching, talking about sex, greasy hair, being too personal… yep, all those do sound pretty sociopathic. I can see how a woman might be turned-off.

As for jobs, well, number one shouldn’t come as too much of a shock…

1. Clown
2. Taxidermist
3. Sex Shop Owner
4. Funeral Director
5. Taxi Driver
6. Unemployed
7. Clergy
8. Janitor
9. Garbage Collector
10. Guard
11. Writer
12. Actor
13. Construction Worker
14. Computer Software Engineer
15. Cafeteria Worker
16. Financial Adviser
17. Doctor/Physician
18. College Professor
19. Farmer
20. Teacher
21. Meteorologist

Poor taxidermists. What did they ever do to anbody?

WAY MORE data than you could possibly ever want to use from this study can be found here.

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