Science Says That People Who Display This Trait Have More Sex Than Those Who Don’t, So Get Donatin’ Bros

According to two separate studies published in the British Journal of Psychology, a publication I read every day like my life depends on it, people who are more charitable tend to have more sex than those who aren’t. So if you’re a stingy Bro who’s been in a dry spell since February, science says that throwing some free money around may help your chances – and it holds true for women, too.

Both studies found that men who were charitable typically had more sexual partners in their lifetime, whereas women who displayed the trait received more sexual attention. In the second study, students were given $100 and told they could either donate all of it to charity, donate some of it, or keep it to themselves. The men who gave more to charity were discovered to have had more sexual partners than those who didn’t, whereas the women who donated had sex more frequently.

Whether the charitable individuals were having more sex because their charitability made them more attractive, or because it signaled to others that they could potentially benefit from free shit as well remains to be determined.

Not that it should matter – you’re getting laid more and hopefully you’re not dumb enough to empty your wallet out in the process. What more could you want to know?

[H/T Metro]