Finally! Scientists Have Proven That Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

Conventional wisdom states that dogs are awesome and cats are awful pets, we all know this. Dogs are so stoked to see their owners even when they leave the house for 60 seconds to walk out to the mailbox. Cats couldn’t give two shits when their owners come back after a month long vacation, instead of walking up to the owner the cat’s more likely to shimmy on over to the luggage and throw up on it.

Cats suck, we all know this. However, thanks to the miracle of science we now know how much cats suck. Conversely we now know how much better dogs are as pets thanks to a recent experiment.

The Telegraph reports:

“We have pretty good evidence that dogs actually love their humans,” according to Dr Paul Zak, who conducted the study. “A couple of small-scale studies have shown that when owners interact with their dogs, the human and their dog appear to release oxytocin.
“It’s one of the chemical measures of love in mammals. Humans produce the hormone in our brains when we care about someone. For example, when we see our spouse or child the levels in our bloodstream typically rise by 40-60 per cent.”

He took saliva samples from 10 cats and 10 dogs on two occasions – 10 minutes before a playtime session with their owners and immediately after – and tested both samples for oxytocin.
The results show the hormone increased by an average of 57.2 per cent in dogs but only by 12 per cent in cats.
This means in theory, dogs love their humans more than cats do.
“I was really surprised to discover that dogs produced such high levels of oxytocin… the dog level of 57.2 per cent is a very powerful response. It shows these dogs really care about their owners. It was also a nice surprise to discover that cats produce any at all. At least some of the time, cats seem to bond with their owners,” he added.
Some think that cats don’t actually like their owners at all – this study at least proves that wrong.

So while the study disproved the notion that cats don’t care about their owners at all, a widely-held belief due to the ‘eye test’ showing cats don’t give a flying fuck when you come home. The test also showed that dogs love their owners roughly FIVE TIMES MORE THAN CATS. Thus proving once and for all that dogs make better pets and companions than cats, because they actually enjoy your company nearly 5x more than cats.

[h/t IFL Science via Telegraph]

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