Scientific Study Says Weaklings Have Stronger Muscles Than Bodybuilders, So You Can Skip Leg Day Forever

Don’t be fooled by all of the bulging muscles that a weightlifter has, science says that your puny muscles are stronger! A scientific study conducted by the Manchester Metropolitan University discovered that the average bodybuilders’ muscle is less powerful than the same amount of muscle from the average dude who doesn’t hit the gym on the regular.

The study took muscle samples from the thighs of 12 male body builders along with six power athletes and they were compared with samples from 14 physically active men who did not participate in any weight training. Scientists then isolated individual muscle fibers that were tested to see how fast and powerfully they contracted in test conditions. The conclusion was that gram-for-gram, the muscles from the average Joe were stronger than the weightlifters.

“It appears that excessive muscle growth may have detrimental effects on the quality of the muscle, and one may well be better off with normal-sized muscles than with metabolically expensive large muscles,” lead scientist Professor Hans Degens told The Telegraph.

The findings, which are reported in the journal Experimental Physiology, also stated that bodybuilders are only stronger than the average man because they have more muscle mass, not because their muscles are actually stronger from weight training.

“Most of us are impressed by the enormous muscle bulk of bodybuilders and think that these people must be extremely strong, like the Incredible Hulk,” Degens said. “The surprising thing, however, was that a gram of muscle from bodybuilders produced less force than that from non-bodybuilders, and it thus seems that the ‘muscle quality’ is less in bodybuilders.”

“The training method seems to have an impact on muscle quality,” Degens added, “which is of great importance for trainers and coaches interested in improving either performance or appearance of athletes.”

Now excuse me while I go skip leg, arm and back day forever to work on my strength conditioning by fapping.