How Sweet Are These Vintage Ads Of Sean Connery Ditching His Beloved Scotch For Sweet American Bourbon?

Sean Connery


Today is Sean Connery’s 86th birthday, and if you’d ask me to tell you one fact about the dude, I’d tell you that he drank (or drinks, I’m not that current on my Sean Connery facts) scotch.

But that’s not entirely true. For I just learned he had a secret life in the States where he pitched bourbon.

Kinda gotta respect that. Indiscriminate drinking is a lot more fun.

Coincidentally, today was also the birthday of one of the fathers of the brand he pitched. That’d be James Beauregard Beam, who brought us the delicious Jim Beam we know to today. He shepherded the bourbon company through prohibition and helped bring bourbon back to the forefront of American culture after it ended. Have you done anything that impressive?

Check how sick these ads are, though.



(Thanks to The 007 Dossier and MI-6 HQ for the sick vintage ads)

So be like Bond and drink some Beam tonight. Actually, drink better than he did, with their Single Barrel. That shit rocks and wasn’t around back in the day.

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