Yo, Real Talk: Is This A Secret Alien Military Installation On Mars?




That’s the BOLD, BOLD new claim, that that blurry shot up there is a cross between a military installation and an airport.

Alien cross between a military installation and an airport, that is.

The reason it’s so blurry, an expert says, is because whenever NASA sees an alien structure on Google Mars, where this picture comes from, they censor it before releasing it to the public. But that’s not a problem, because here it is, ENHANCED.

Oh. yea. Absolutely. The claim comes from SECURETEAM and you can watch their airtight analysis below. According to a satellite expert who did not know this was on Mars, he said “with 100 percent certainty, this is a man-made object.”

Who the fuck are you to deny a satellite expert?

[H/T Unilad]