Secret Nazi ‘Treasure Hunter’ Base Discovered In The Arctic By Russian Scientists 72 Years Later

Adolf Hitler was gunning for world domination and wanted to slither the dark tentacles of Nazi Germany all over the Earth. The Nazis even had secret bases in the Arctic circle, which Russian scientists discovered this week. A secret Nazi military base in the Arctic has been discovered by Russian scientists on the island of Alexandra Land, which is 600 miles from the North Pole.

The base was codenamed “Schatzgraber” or “Treasure Hunter” by the Germans was constructed in 1942, a year after Hitler invaded Russia. It is believed to be used primarily as a tactical weather station. The station provided meteorological reports that were critical in planning the movement of troops, submarines, and ships. However, in 1944 the station was abandoned after scientists were poisoned after eating raw polar bear meat and had to be rescued by a German U-boat. There are some who theorize the base had a secret mission of finding ancient artifacts, hence the “Treasure Hunter” moniker.

72 years, the base along with more than 500 objects have been found, including a batch of well-preserved documents.

The ruins of bunkers, rusted bullets and other Third Reich relics dating from World War II have been discovered by Russian scientists.

Sure, believe that Nazi’s searching for ancient artifacts had to leave because of “bad polar bear meat.”


We all know what happened to the Nazis while searching for the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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