Really Smart Man Tries To Take A Selfie With 6-Foot-Long Python And I Think You Know Where This Is Headed…

That guy in the pink Polo with the large logo? I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to assume that he’s a total nincompoop. Before we even dissect his decision to take a selfie with a VERY agitated python in Northwestern India let’s just acknowledge the fact that he thought that wearing a bright pink Polo shirt with the extra large logo was the proper jungle attire for that region of Northern India. That’s the proper attire in South Beach (the actual beach, not the clubs), but only during certain months of the year. You could wear that shirt in Antibes or throughout the South of France in the Summer, but not Northern India when you’re straight chilling with some snake wranglers.

Now, when you’re handling a snake and it’s VERY agitated the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position directly in front of that snake’s fangs. This dude didn’t get the memo on that and he basically got a free nipple piercing from the python after attempting to take a selfie with it. I repeat: DO NOT stand directly in front of an extremely agitated snake, this will never end well for you.

(h/t Radass via Reuters)