Selfies With Homeless People is the Hot New Rage

by 4 years ago


There’s good news for the diseased minds who simply can’t wait until a loved one dies to post a horribly ill-conceived glamour shot of themselves. It’s called Selfies With Homeless People, and it’s sweeping the nation as feverishly as a downtrodden soul attacking an already-clean windshield at a stoplight.

It’s the perfect activity for young people who see those in need and want to parlay the experience into big social media shares.

To be fair, the site offers several links to altruistic endeavors aimed at helping the homeless. But something tells me most of the people in these photographs didn’t exactly dive deep into their pockets after snapping selfies.

Keep on sucking, “vile teens.”

[H/T: Selfies With Homeless People]


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