Veteran Bro Got His Dog’s Ashes Tattooed Into His Leg As A Moving Tribute To ‘The World’s Bravest Dog’

Sergeant Dave Heyhoe served alongside his canine companion, Treo, in Afghanistan for British Special Forces through 2008. The duo worked together seeking out Taliban explosives, and were responsible for saving dozens of lives in the process.

The bond between Sgt. Heyhoe and Treo ran deep, as I’m sure you can imagine. When the handler and his pup were discharged from the Army, Treo was awarded the Dickin Medal for Gallantry – a British military award for exceptional animal service. By all indications, he was truly man’s best friend.

Sadly, Treo passed away in October of last year at the age of 14. For the dog who made the ultimate sacrifice for others, Sgt. Heyhoe could only think of one tribute befitting of Treo’s courageous service: he had Treo’s ashes tattooed into his leg along with some moving words commemorating the life of his best friend.

The moving words below Treo’s paw print read:

I will lay down my life for you
And expect nothing but love in return
I protect my Dad with my life, and
Would gladly take a bullet in his place
I find weapons and bombs
I am the first sent in and
Sometimes the last to leave
I am the nose and the ears of my Dad
I protect and serve him
I would die for him and for you
I only ask for compassion
And a kind word

To further honor the loyalty and service Treo has shown him and the people of Britain, Sgt. Heyhoe also penned a memoir titled It’s All About Treo: Life and War with the World’s Bravest Dog.

It’s safe to say the bond of this man and his dog is forever formidable and everlasting.

You can check out AN AWESOME video further detailing the amazing relationship of Treo and Sgt. Dave Heyhoe here; it also talks about the Seargeant’s initiative to have more military service animals recognized for their heroic deeds.

[h/t Metro]