Give This ‘Sex Move Name Generator’ A Whirl Then Try It Out On Your Girl Tonight

There are a lot of sex moves with weird names out there (many of them disturbing), but do you have a sex move of your own that needs a little personalization? HELL YES YOU DO!

Well, thanks to our friends over at Mandatory you too can now have a sex move with a name that truly befits all of the glorious artistry you possess in the sack.

For instance, using this clever Sex Name Generator someone like Kanye West’s signature move would be “The Alabama Patty Melt.” His beloved, Kim Kardashian’s move would be called “The Alabama Bugle Horn.” Oh, I’d like to see her try that one.

How about some other famous people? Like say, Barack Obama? You know he’s got a move or two up his sleeve and one of them needs to be called “The Sandy Punching Bag.” Look out, Michelle! Or Leonardo DiCaprio? His would be “The Reverse Wheelchair.” Bet that one’s not even made up either, knowing him.

As for myself, I am now the proud owner of a sex move called “The Dusty Dustbuster.” I haven’t yet figured out what exactly that move is going to entail, but you can rest assured, the ladies are gonna love it.

So what is your signature sex move now going to be called? Let me know in the comments. (I promise not to steal it. I ain’t no David Puddy.)

Sexy couple image by Shutterstock