We Asked A Top Doctor On Sexual Disorders The 3 Most Uncomfortable Questions Every Bro Has About Sex — Here Are His Answers

by 4 years ago
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Every man has a laundry list of questions they’d love to ask a doctor about sex and our own bodies. Unfortunately, every man is too uncomfortable to ask.

The average bro sit in that examination room, no one around but a man or woman with years of medical training, and he clams up the second the doc asks “so do you have any questions for me?” It’s as if a man is going to ask a question that will blow the MD away or make him or her laugh at it’s absurdity.

Here’s the honest truth — the doctor won’t even flinch because he or she has heard it all. Doctor’s have been asked every question and seen every situation.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler has seen it all. He’s been asked it all. As an associate professor of urology at Harvard Medical School and the founder of Men’s Health Boston, Dr. Morgentaler has been dispensing sexual and medical advice to men for almost thirty years.

Once Dr. Morgentaler’s examination room door closed, men felt safe to drop their protective bravado, hoping he could help them. These men opened up with an unexpected depth of questions. Speaking candidly about being a man in the age of Crossfit, Muscle Milk, Viagra, and internet porn.

In an effort to help men everywhere, Dr. Morgentaler took those discussions and experiences and turned them into a book. In The Truth About Men and Sex: Intimate Secrets from the Doctor’s Office, Dr. Morgentaler gives an unfiltered look at what sex really means to a man— hopes, hang-ups, and striking revelations—a must-read for men and women everywhere.

I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Morgentaler and asked him the three most common questions a bro would have about sex.

What’s The Average Penis Size?

“The biggest issue younger men struggle with sexually is, ‘Am I normal?’ This often comes down to concerns about penis size. It should be reassuring to most men to learn that a large study in more than 15,000 men showed that the average erect length is 5.2 inches, and that 4 out of 5 men are between 4.5 and 6.0 inches. Men are more similar than different. The enormous penises seen in porn are rare.”

Sometimes I Just Can’t Get Hard. Should I Worry?

“Men are prone to a number of problems as they age. Two of the most common are difficulty achieving or maintaining a firm erection (called erectile dysfunction, or ED) and reduced sexual desire. Low desire can be caused by stress, side effects of medications, especially some antidepressants, and low levels of testosterone. All of these are treatable, and there is no reason every man, even men in their 80s, can’t be having satisfying sex.”

Is Porn And Technology Ruining My Sex Life?

“The biggest change in the world of sexuality caused by technology is the ready availability of porn via the Internet. Many younger men (and some older!) with limited sexual experience believe that what they witness via Internet porn is routine and normal. It isn’t! As a rule, men don’t look like that, women don’t look like that, and almost no one actually behaves like that. One big issue I see is men feeling inadequate or anxious about their manliness because their everyday “real” experiences don’t match up with what they view via Internet. This is why I believe it is critical for men to learn what is true, and to have an opportunity to share experiences with each other.”

I highly recommend checking out Dr. Morgentaler’s book The Truth About Men and Sex: Intimate Secrets from the Doctor’s Office and for any real issues, see your doctor.