Damnnn. This Chick Was So Loud In Bed Her Neighbors Had Her Jailed.

by 4 years ago


That up there is Gemma Wale. And when she likes to screw, early in the mornings in her Birmingham, England home, she likes to screw loud.

So damn loud, indeed, that her neighbors had to get a court order to get her to stop.

She kept right on fucking, loud and good. So she got thrown in jail. From The Daily Mail:

The mother-of-two was jailed after breaching an [Anti-social behaviour order] that banned her from making ‘loud sex noises’ at her home.

A civil court judge gave the 23-year-old a two-week prison sentence, for ‘screaming and shouting whilst having sex’.

Neighbours complained and Birmingham City Council took action as the sounds were at a ‘level of noise’ which annoyed those living nearby.

The session that broke the camel’s ear drum was apparently a 10-minute long romp at five in the morning, according to the BBC:

She said a neighbour had complained “paragraph 3 of the order” had been breached at about 05:00 on 29 January.

“Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up,” said the neighbour. “This lasted 10 minutes.”

Some people just need to get loud when they get down. I feel them.

But that’s never a reason to be rude.

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