Woman Tries Last Possible Option To Raise Money For Sister’s Cancer Treatment — Lets Strangers Shoot Arrows At Her

God damn. This is some sibling love. You’ll probably never love another human as much as this woman loves her cancer-stricken sister. She loves her so much she’s willing to let complete strangers shoot arrows at her on the street to raise money for her expensive cancer treatments.

Last Monday, a woman was spotted standing on the street in Hangzhou offering to be a human target for arrows, charging 10 yuan per shot. She also had a board with the details of her bank account and online payment numbers. In less than an hour, she was taken away by police.

The woman’s name turned out to be Ji Jianli, and her dangerous fundraiser was a desperate attempt to raise money for her sister, Ji Jiayan, with acute leukemia. Because of the heavy burden that the medical costs of her treatment was placing on her family, Jiayan had once tried to run away, leaving a note apologizing to her mother for not being able to look after her when she got old, but saying that she was doing what was best for them all.

The woman’s story got plenty of attention and people are donating money to her cause. She’s going to need a ton though — the cost of treatment is almost 500,000 yuan ($76,000).

[via Shanghaiist]

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