This Video Of A Bro Shooting Clay Pigeons From The Window Of His Ferrari While Doing Donuts Is Better Than Sex


YouTube / Philip Thorrold - Extreme Shooting

This bro’s cruising around in a Ferrari SA Aperta, with a shotgun, doing donuts, and shooting clays. The only way this bro’s day could get any better is if Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker were in the car, naked, and shooting guns alongside him.

When someone speaks the phrase ‘livin’ the life’ this is EXACTLY what they are referring to. Let’s just take a look at what these bros accomplished in this video:

Convertible Ferrari SA Aperta? √
Doing donuts in the countryside in a car that costs half a million dollars? √
Shooting clays with a shotgun from one of the most exquisite cars that ever made? √

I don’t know what these bro’s bucket lists look like, but I have to think that at least 50% of the list has been completed just in the filming of this video…right?

Let’s just take a look at that action once more in GIF, shall we?

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This is it. This is what the ‘Best Day Ever’ actually looks like. It’s full of Ferraris, shotguns, donuts, and shooting clays.

Shout out to my fellow editor Doug for passing this video my way!