7 Dead, 14 Injured After A Fighter Jet Crashes Into Cars During Airshow In England (Video Of Crash)

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Extremely disturbing footage and news is just beginning to make its way out of England after a fighter plane going through maneuvers in the Shoreham Air Show crashed into 4 cars. The total injury toll is still climbing, but as of the time of publication there are 7 reported deceased and 14 injured. It’s being reported that the pilot was unable to eject before crashing into the spectator’s cars, but some reports are claiming hat the pilot was pulled, alive, from the wreckage.

Closer angle, equally as disturbing:

Aftermath of the Shoreham Air Show Plane Crash:

Shoreham Air Show Plane Crash Video: 7 Dead, 14 Injured

The video you can see above was taken from the balcony of a nearby village, and in it the spectator is completely taken aback (as we all are) by the abruptness of which everything goes from ‘just a normal everyday Shoreham Air Show in West Sussex, England’ to ‘My goodness, what did I just witness.’ This happened just hours ago, so as details of the deadly Shoreham Air Show plane crash continue to emerge I’ll update this post.

Here are some photos that are quite hard to look at that were taken near the site of the crash:






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