This Guy Got Shot And Decided To Take A Selfie Rather Than Go To The Hospital

Isaac Martinez is a shining inspiration to those of us who care so much about social media that we forgo all thoughts of personal wellbeing in search of getting just one more “like” or “retweet” from a random person on the Internet. While you’ll note that I did indeed say “us,” I don’t fall into this category. I hate social media. I hate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all those other sites that purely exist so people can broadcast how awesome their boring lives are. However, I will concede that Isaac’s life is at least slightly more interesting than most, considering he got shot after a white supremacist went on a rampage in Mesa, Arizona yesterday. That’s something new and different, right? Bullet wounds, WHOO! But since this is 2015 and not 1995, rather than immediately rush himself to the hospital Isaac decided to take a selfie, because that’s obviously more important than say, bandages.


According to Time, Isaac was later treated at a local hospital and did not suffer from any “complicated injuries.”

[H/T Time]